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Did you spend last weekend like we did? Sitting on your couch, watching the new season of CBS' The Big Bang Theory? Then you know that the great Dr. Sheldon Cooper is anything but modest about his intellect. Can you match wits with him and prove that software developers are as smart as physicists?Take this quiz based on Einstein's logic puzzle and find out! It is claimed that 98% of the people are incapable of solving it. Are you one of 2% who can prove him wrong?

big-bang-sheldon-never-wrong-cbs 2.jpg(©CBS)

These are the facts

There are five houses. Each painted in another color.

Each house is inhabited by a person who works in a certain role in a software project.

Each inhabitant favors a certain programming language and reads a particular magazine. Also, all inhabitants keep their own pet.

No one uses the same programming language or reads the same magazine. The pets are different, too.

These hints might help you

  1. The software architect lives in the house, which is painted red.
  2. The project leader keeps a dog.
  3. The test coordinator favors C, as a programming language.
  4. The green house is located left of the white house.
  5. The inhabitant of the green house prefers Java.
  6. The person who reads the „PC Advisor“ also keeps a bird.
  7. The inhabitant of the house located in the middle favors Ruby.
  8. The inhabitant of the yellow house reads „Popular Science“.
  9. The analyst lives in the first house.
  10. The reader of „Mac World“ magazine lives next to the guy who keeps a cat.
  11. The person who keeps a horse lives next to the one who reads „Popular Science“.
  12. The reader of „Wired“ magazine also favors Perl.
  13. The analyst lives next to the blue house.
  14. The developer reads the „Popular Mechanics“.
  15. The reader of „Mac World“ magazine has a neighbour who likes Fortran.

The question is: Who keeps the fish?

Leave your answer in the comments. We're looking forward to the results!