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itemis AG from Lünen was awarded a plaque for "individual solutions" in the "Pluspunkt Familie" competition.

The competition “Pluspunkt Familie“

For the sixth time now, the Alliance for Families in the district of Unna has organized the “Pluspunkt Familie” award. The prize is awarded to companies that particularly promote the compatibility of work and family. The award ceremony, which was awarded for 2021, was initially to take place in December of last year. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this was finally moved to Thursday, April 7th in the auditorium of the Hellweg Vocational College in Unna.

A total of 26 companies applied for the 2021 competition. The field of participants was broad and diverse. Everything was represented, from companies from the social sector to wholesalers and from the IT sector. There were also differences in the size of the company - from small family businesses to large hospital associations.

In addition to a certificate, there were also plaques in four separate categories for the framework topic in 2021: “Digital solutions”, “Flexible working hours”, “Individual solutions” and “Financial solutions”.

The award ceremony

The award ceremony in the Hellweg vocational college was opened with the words of District Administrator Mario Löhr, who is also the patron of the “Pluspunkt Familie” competition. He emphasizes:

"Anyone who wants to train, attract and retain qualified specialists must create the conditions for family and career to remain compatible.”

Katja Sträde, Managing Director of the Alliance for Families, on the other hand, is happy about the 26 participating companies: "That's more than ever before. We are thrilled that some old and many new companies have applied and, despite difficult times, have presented us with their creative and family-friendly solutions.”

For this reason, all 26 companies received a certificate, which distinguishes them as family-friendly companies in the Unna district.


itemis with special award “Individual Solutions”

In addition to the certificate that all participants received for their special commitment, a total of twelve plaques were awarded in four categories for special awards. Katja Sträde presented the prize for “Individual Solutions” to Stephanie Hentschel, who was on site for itemis AG. The handover was accompanied by the previously recorded short film on the subject of family friendliness in the Corona crisis, which was shot especially for the application. In a short interview, Stephanie was also able to present in detail the shopping service for employees during the pandemic, the care packages right to the front door, and Food Friday as part of the individual solutions at itemis.

itemis AG feels honored to receive this award and is proud to have created a family-friendly environment at company level with innovative and diverse ideas. In the future, itemis AG will strive to continue working on the family-friendly structure in order to be able to apply again for the "Pluspoint Family” award.

Our application video


Members of the jury

Dr. Michael Dannebom (Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Unna), Anja Josefowitz (Diakoniepfarrerin Ev. Kirchenkreis Unna | Sprecherin Bündnis für Familie Kreis Unna), Andreas Kramer (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, Kreis Unna), Birgit Mescher (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte Fröndenberg / für die kommunalen Gleichstellungsbeauftragten), Ludger Osterkamp (ExTox Gasmess-Systeme GmbH), Tobias Pütter (Handwerkskammer Dortmund), Susanne Raths (Unternehmensverband Westfalen-Mitte e.V.) und Sandra Schröder (Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Dortmund).

The cooperation partners of the PLUSPUNKT FAMILIE also include: Hamm employment agency, JobCenter district Unna and the competence center for women and work in the Westphalian Ruhr area - Competentia.


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