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I started using Xtext more than 10 years ago. Back then it was a small part of the openArchitectureware framework. I began using it heavily after the move to Eclipse and got a power user and supporter in the newsgroups and forum. In 2016 I joined the Xtext Committer team and worked on the framework for about 50% of my time.

Roughly at the same time parts of the Xtext team moved away from itemis. So the people working on Xtext and their main focus changed. I still think Xtext is a very valuable framework and it deserves more attention than it currently gets. This is why I stepped up to become a co-project lead for the project to ensure it's management is put on a wider base.

As Xtext committer and co-project lead my main goals are the following

  • Ensure that Xtext and Xtend are actively maintained and will work with future versions of the Eclipse Platform and JDT as well as with future versions of Java itself (for example the Java 9 support we are currently working on).
  • Relevant bugs and performance problems keep being addressed and fixed in a reasonable manner and timespan.
  • Enable more users to contribute to Xtext.
  • Develop new features that make life of our users more easy and keep track with trends and developments inside and outside the Eclipse ecosystem.
  • Make sure Xtext in future still will be supported and running smooth in standalone modes such as LSP as well as inside Eclipse IDE.
  • Make sure we have regular releases and keep track with the release process that is currently planned for Eclipse platform but we may slow down from the release cadence you are used from the past.

It is not only the TypeFox guys or our Xtext-Team at itemis (Karsten, Sebastian, Holger, Arne and other colleagues) that drive Xtext. I invite you as Xtext community to actively contribute to the framework: Not only by filing bugs or giving feedback but I warmly welcome everybody who is willing to contribute fixes or features to Xtext. Get in contact with us and let us work together on a great future for Xtext.