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On September 28th the 9th AUTOSAR Open Conference took place in Gothenburg. From an Eclipse/Open Source point of view, Bernd Jäger's (BMW) talk on their Symphony project is very interesting.

BMW has built the impressive AUTOSAR ECU engineering backbone with Eclipse open source technologies. Engineering data is consolidated from different data sources, merged in a big common model and then exported to AUTOSAR.

Bernd Jäger mentions in his slides a few projects and I am happy to see that some of them are sponsored mainly or in part by itemis. Let us have a look, what the benefits of some of these technologies are.

Xtend: Flexible and expressive Java-dialect

Obviously, we can infer that there are a lot of model-to-model transformations. Xtend supports these transformations with its "create" statements that help a lot to avoid caching and multiple passes. Also, you can create strong transformator frameworks with active annotations. In addition, its concise syntax and lambda support makes it a better Java-dialect – not only for transformations but for any code. 

Xtext: Develop applications based on text based languages

Xtext supports the creation of textual domain specific languages. It can be used e.g. to easily create parsers for input files that follow a textual syntax (e.g. a LIN description file - .ldf). In addition, you can create languages for modifying, managing and serializing EMF models. This helps e.g. in creating test data.

Artop: Sphinx based framework 

As the common platform for Eclipse/Java based AUTOSAR tooling Artop provides you with an implementation of the AUTOSAR metamodel, complete with (de-) serialization to ARXML. It is the most convenient way to read, process and write AUTOSAR.

Sphinx: Eclipse Modeling Framework-Extension

Artop is based on Sphinx – a powerful open source project that manages complex models and adds a strong framework on top of the modelling supported by Eclipse EMF.

All of the technologies above have been created and/or are maintained with the involvement of itemis. It is great to see the acceptance they find in the automotive industry.

If you want to know more about the open source projects of itemis don't hesitate to get in touch with us!