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Young professionals: Don't give up - they still exist, the really good application processes!

Yes, there are bad application processes, but there are also many positive ones. Unfortunately, these are reported far too rarely, so I'd like to share a great experience with you today:

My daughter applied for a dual study program last week and yes, the application process was really complex. Nothing with just submitting the resume.

In addition to the resume, various certificates and a really extensive contact form, the detailed answers to various questions were required. 🤪

A cover letter was not mandatory, but I still advised her to write a few lines. After all, that was not the point now and this is where Chat GPT came into play.😉

The preparation and gathering of the documents actually took a Sunday afternoon, but the effort was definitely worth it.

She submitted her application on Sunday, received a call on Monday and an invitation for an interview on Wednesday.

And the best part: just two hours after the interview, she received a confirmation for the dual study program. 🥳 Madness, the application process takes a total of 3 days!

I would say it's a win-win situation for both sides, as both gave their best. My daughter put a lot of time and effort into her application and was rewarded in return with a fast and appreciative application process.

So they do exist, the positive stories. The application process is not a one-way street, but in the best case scenario the start of a cooperation at eye level.

Do you have any positive examples?

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