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This year's Health Day at itemis was a complete success. The lively participation in the various offers shows how important the topic of health is for the various itemikers.

At itemis: health is for everyone

Health is important and individual for each person. That's why itemis AG organized its health day with a varied offer, which appealed to many employees. In addition to a sleep analysis and a cardiac stress test, this year there was also a special smoke-free workshop to help people quit smoking. How well the various offers were received by the employees is made clear by the high level of participation and occupancy. The registration lists were filled early and there were hardly any free places left.

Non-smoking seminar "stop-n-go / simply smoke-free"

With the non-smoking seminar, not only was something done for the health of the individual itemikers, but also something against the bad habit of smoking. After all, it shouldn't be a secret that non-smokers live healthier lives. In addition, the immune system and the skin are improved, doing sports is easier and the wallet is spared.

Ultimately, ten participants took part in the “Blume Personalentwicklung” with these goals in mind. In terms of content, topics such as the effects of smoking on psychological and mental health were dealt with, as well as an excursion into the history of the tobacco industry. The feedback was exclusively positive. Simon Düsing, Social Media Manager at itemis, summarizes the seminar as follows:

“I quit smoking a few months ago. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, the seminar was exciting and important for me. I was strengthened in many ways and was shown that becoming a non-smoker was the right decision. I also found the seminar to be enlightening and informal.”

With over 40 years of experience, the leader of the seminar was able to affect the participants and convince them of the advantages of not smoking. In retrospect, the seminar had a 100% success rate, which means that all the people who attended quit smoking afterwards.



Attentive at work instead of oversleeping at work

The pupillography (sleep analysis) by “Techniker Krankenkasse” was also a complete success. The topic of sleep and health was very popular with the itemists, which meant that the twelve places for it were quickly occupied.

But why is sleep so important? According to current studies, every third person sleeps insufficiently. This promotes health risks in different ways, which in turn leads to increased stress vulnerability and reduced performance. The topic of sleep health is therefore an increasingly important topic in company health promotion, which itemis was happy to take on as part of the health day.



Relaxing during the stress test

Negative stress is not uncommon in the modern working world and can lead to health problems and illnesses over the long term. The earlier the stress symptoms are recognized, the more effectively you can counteract them and minimize the risk to your health. 

Twelve employees of itemis AG were able to use the cardio stress test on site at LünTec and thus get an insight into their current stress level. All they had to do was relax. Because in order to determine the current stress level, the heart activity was measured with an ECG device in a sitting position for two minutes at rest. Based on the chronological sequence of the individual heartbeats, a stress index could be created, which provided information about the possible stress symptoms. The participants were also given easy-to-implement tips and exercises for stress regulation, which can also be used easily at work.  

Health must also be sustainable

In retrospect, the Health Day 2022 at itemis was a complete success. Many employees were given important information and insights in order to be healthy in the workplace in the long term. And for everyone who couldn't be there that day, itemis also offers numerous other activities throughout the year. Be it playing ice hockey with the itemis Night Owls, the weekly fitness program with Volker (you can even work from home) or the individual sports program at the fitness container on the cube. And if the work-life balance cannot be compensated with sport, our feel-good managers Jesse and Henning always have an open ear and good advice.

So sport and health almost always take place here and we are already looking forward to next year's health day, with hopefully many great and exciting offers again.


Do you want a job that keeps you fit and healthy? Then apply to us now and become an itemiker – click here for our healthy jobs at itemis!


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