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We have created a study guide for you, which will make your first steps (maybe a few more) with YAKINDU Traceability (YT) easier - the afterburner of the quickstart, so to speak.

It consists of five short videos. For those of you who are specifically looking for an alternative to manually maintaining a traceability matrix with Excel & Co, there is a hint in the section about analysis.

Get an overview

The first video is mainly for orientation and less about the tool YAKINDU Traceability itself rather than the data we deliver in the Quickstart Edition.


Further information about the YT Project Overview can be found in the YT Help and in this blog post.

Tracing links

The second video illustrates how to explore your traceability data, that is, how to trace links across borders of engineering tools, for example.


Again, you can find more information in the help section about Browsing existing links or about the YT Search which is backed by full text index.

How to create links

The third video explains how to create links yourself.


You can also find more information in the help section and in this blog post.

Analyze the status of your project

The fourth video explains how you can analyze your project based on traceability data.


YAKINDU Traceability analysis capabilities are really powerful - there is more possible than would fit into a short intro video. In the help you will find corresponding sections on the analysis perspective in general and about creating reports, handling snapshots or executing YT in batch/command line mode in particular.

If you want YT to create the Traceability Matrix for you: Just execute the query "RTM (Left side of V): Requirements Traceability Matrix".

How to configure your data model

The last video explains the configuration of YAKINDU Traceability.


In this help section you will find the documentation of the editor as well as the complete reference; this blog post explains in detail how to set up a configuration from scratch.

There’s even more

If the videos don't answer all your questions - contact us. The Quickstart Edition includes one day of consulting! We will enable you to customize the configuration according to your data or to define the analysis that is most important for you.