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Machine Learning Formatting with Xtext

Writing a codeformatter is boring and errorprone. I hate it because I'm lazy, but is there an alternative? Yes, of course! We're in 2017, folks!


There's a project called Codebuff out there. Codebuff takes examples that are well formatted and trains a machine to format your code in the same way as a programmar who builded the examples would do it. So formatting becomes easy and individual.

So far so good - does that also work for DSLs? DSLs that were created with Xtext? Yes – since yesterday :)

Here's a small video to demostrate how easy it works now.

Wistia video thumbnail - Codebuff

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To be honest – it's still a prototype that is not published yet. We'll come up with a more detailed article – stay tuned.

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Holger Schill is a regular speaker at international conferences. He is a committer to Xtext and other opensource projects and focusses on DSLs since more than 10 years. Holger leads the Itemis branch in Heide and is always looking for smart and talented people to work with.