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Today we released the new version 2.6.0 of YAKINDU SCT!
During the last four month since the last release we invested a lot of effort in improving usability, documentation, and maturing existing features as well as providing new features. 
In total, we completed 145 issues so this is definitely worth the download. Get it for free!


What's new in version 2.6.0? Let's have a look! 

New features for code generators

The C code generator is the first generator that supports tracing callbacks. You can enable this feature using the config feature called Tracing in the sgen file. It will allow you to trace state entries and exits in order to react to them in your custom code.

The Java code generator now supports the generation of a thread-safe state machine implementation in addition to the queue based implementation that we introduced with release 2.5. Again you can simply enable the feature in the sgen file using the SynchronizedWrapper config feature. 

Standalone generators

To support a better integration with build systems (including CI builds) we refactored the generator infrastructure. Now it is possible to run code generators independent from the IDE. Read more about this topic here.


Lots of effort was spent to improve the usability of YAKINDU SCT. We are grateful that Sandra Schering and Jasmin Kuhn joined our team as usability engineers so we will continue to work on usability issues more concentrated than before. By the way, you can check out who's in the team here.

And so much more...

Of course there are a lot more functional improvements, documentation and bug fixes. For a detailed list take a look at our release notes. In addition to those things that you will notice as end user we also changed a lot "under the hood" as preliminary work for the upcoming YAKINDU Statechart Tools Professional Edition.

As always, should you run into issues working with the new version, please send us your feedback!


Download YAKINDU Statechart Tools