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Today we released version 2.7.0 of YAKINDU Statechart Tools!

The product bundle of SCT is now shipped with Eclipse Neon as underlying platform which comes with several improvements as compared to the Mars release. However, SCT does not require Neon to be installed. You can still update the SCT plugins with a Mars based IDE or the previous SCT bundle.

You can download the current version of YAKINDU Statechart Tools from our download page where you also find the links to our update sites:

  Download YAKINDU Statechart Tools


Compared to the last release, we have solved 36 issues, among which you find several bug fixes, refactorings and improvements of our documentation. In addition, we also managed to implement two new features that will further enhance your YAKINDU SCT experience:

Example wizard

This release comes with a completely reworked example wizard which fetches new examples directly from our example repository. In this way we can provide you with new sample models on the fly without any need for you to update your IDE. The new wizard lists all examples grouped by their categories and displays a detailed preview with screenshots and further explanations.

In the course of developing this wizard, we have also updated our examples and added new ones to simplify your first steps in state machine modeling. Our aim is to provide you with all examples that are also used in our documentation, so you can directly try them out. 

Furthermore, as our examples are now hosted on a separate public git repository, it is easier for you to contribute your statecharts back to the community. So if you have modelled a super neat state machine that you want to share, be it a cocktail mixer or a self-driving car, feel free to send us a pull request. For further information on how to contribute examples, please visit our Wiki page.

Display transition priorities

It is now possible to show transition priorities directly in the statechart diagram. Until now, the priority order was only accessible in a state’s properties view. As in most cases transition priorities do not play a role for the state machine’s semantics, they are hidden by default to not clutter your statechart with unnecessary information. You can enable this feature in the preferences at YAKINDU SCT → Diagram Appearance.


Once the Show transition priority option is checked, you will notice number labels on outgoing transitions of states which have more than one such transition. These numbers denote the order in which transitions are processed.




You can find a more detailed list of all processed issues for this release in the release notes. Some of these issues were related to the upcoming SCT Pro Edition for which the beta testing phase is in progress right now.

We hope you enjoy the new version of YAKINDU Statechart Tools. As usual we appreciate all feedback, be it a feature request or a bug report, just visit our user group or file an issue in our github project.


  Download YAKINDU Statechart Tools