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We are happy to announce the 1.7.0 release of Model Viewer. Simply browse Simulink models.

IP Protection of Simulink Models

The main new feature of this new version is the IP protection of Simulink models within itemis products bundles. You can provide your model & documentation bundles to partners / third parties and you can be sure that they will be able to view, navigate, and search your models but are not able to copy your valuable intellectual property (IP). All Simulink models in the bundle are safeguarded using encryption. Once you shared them they cannot be edited afterwards.

encrypt Simulink models

Besides the IP protection, several details of the bundling feature are improved. For instance, progress is displayed during bundle export.

Look under the mask

With the latest version of Model Viewer you can look inside masked blocks on demand. It works like Simulink users would expect.

Look under mask of Simulink models


We also fixed the following bugs:

  • Enhance platform independent navigation by using links between models and documentation
  • Optimized SLX parsing

As usual, you can find the latest changes in our release notes.

So, try out Model Viewer.