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In April, we improved our Matlab adapter of YAKINDU Traceability (YT). The adapter recognizes Matlab Simulink Blocks as well as Matlab Stateflow States and Transitions. Based on this artifact recognition, YT provides traceability for these artifacts, e.g. between Matlab Simulink Blocks and DOORS requirements or between Matlab Stateflow States and Software Units or various test specifications.

YT does not only recognize these Simulink or Stateflow elements. It is also possible to evaluate common and custom properties of the elements. The value of properties can be used to determine which artifacts are relevant for traceability and they can be added to the traceability model for further analyses.

The following screenshot gives an example of a configuration of YAKINDU Traceability which specifies that only “SubSystem” blocks should be recognized as elements of “Software detailed design”.

Screenshot of YAKINDU Traceability - configuration dialog

A similar configuration can be applied to recognize States and Transitions; of course it is possible to configure YAKINDU Traceability to recognize Blocks, States and/or Transitions in set of *.mdl and/or *.slx files.

As for every adapter, YAKINDU Traceability provides cross tool navigation: It is possible to navigate from YAKINDU Traceability to Matlab models and vice versa. The best about this feature is that the tool utilizes the YAKINDU Model Viewer for the visualization of Matlab models – you don’t need to have Matlab, Simulink or Stateflow installed on your machine.

The next screenshot illustrates the integration of the YAKINDU Model Viewer into YAKINDU Traceability; it shows the “RainSensor” block and its traces from/to requirement and test cases.

Screenshot of YAKINDU Traceability - YAKINDU Model Viewer integration

The improvements regarding property access and the seamless integration of the Model Viewer let us choose the Matlab/Model Viewer adapter to become feature of the month April 2017.

Please find more information about YAKINDU Traceability on our website or in our last "feature of the month"-post.

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