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Tycho 0.24 has been released, and one of its most interesting features is the support for POM-less builds. The Tycho 0.24 release notes explain the use of the extension. However, there is a problem with the .mvn/extensions.xml not being found when using Eclipse variables in the “Base Directory” field of the run configuration.

I have created an m2e Bugzilla showing problem and workaround.

Update: The m2e team fixed the bug within 48 hours. Very nice. Should be in one of the next builds.

In the maven "Run As maven configuration" we have configured as base directory:


However, this does not work with .mvn/extensions.xml
It seems that this causes the command line for mvn to be set to something like this:

- Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory=O:\path\to\ide\installation\eclipse\${workspace_loc:\com.my.project.name}

If in "Base Directory", you specify a full normal file-system path (O:\path\to\project\) this works correctly.

The workaround is to add this to the Vm arguments in the JRE tab:


This results in the property being set twice on the command line, and luckily the vm arguments
setting wins.