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What’s new in YAKINDU Model Viewer 1.4.0

The new version of YAKINDU Model Viewer provides a variety of new visualization enhancements, establishes a new feature to export and display values of workspace parameters used by constant blocks and contains several noticeable bug fixes. Beyond that, the latest release now also makes YAKINDU Model Viewer available for Linux and Mac. Read on to see what’s improved in the August 2018 release.


Model Visualizations Enhancements

The new visualization enhancements include a multitude of elements, polishing the model looks for block types Scope, Switch Case Action Subsystem, Function-Call Generator, If Action Subsystem, Enable, To File, Trigger port label for subsystem, Selector, ForIterator and ForIterator subsystem and display block annotations.

New feature displaying workspace parameters

A new functionality has been introduced with a MATLAB script to export workspace parameter values to a file which can be displayed in the model. Therefore, YAKINDU Model Viewer is now able to display parameter values for example on constant blocks. These parameter values must be first exported from your MATLAB workspace which will then be imported into the Model Viewer to update the visualizations. Conveniently, the Model Viewer already contains the export script so you don’t have to fiddle with MATLAB on your own. 

YAKINDU Model Viewer for Linux and Mac

For the users who have expressed the wish to use YAKINDU Model Viewer on Linux or Mac, we have good news: you can download a beta version for those systems now!


This release includes fixes for multiple issues in connection with models, such as parsing of default values for models with version newer than R2017b, visualization of If & Switch blocks in combination with models newer than R2017b and case-insensitive block parameter handling.

For a comprehensive list of changes, please see the Release Notes.

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