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Xtext is a well known framework and highly represented at conferences like EclipseCon around the world. It is always fun getting together with people who build great software and talk about their experiences with the framework. In 2014 itemis decided to host a dedicated conference on Xtext – the XtextCon – to present more advanced talks on this special topic. We have come a long way since then...

From XtextCon to XtextSummit

The conference attracted around 100 people and that meant a lot to us. It was a great event and the attendees enjoyed it. People from around the globe came to the city of Kiel. It was such a big thing to us that we decided to have another XtextCon in 2015 and so the story continued with even more attendees.

In 2016 we decided to take a break. We took a deep breath to come back in 2017 with a new idea:

Together with Sven Efftinge from TypeFox and Lorenzo Bettini, we are more than happy to announce that we are hosting a brand new event called XtextSummit at EclipseCon France in lovely Toulouse this June.

We’ll start with a full day at the unconference where the Xtext community can exchange their thoughts and experience. At the conference we’ll have a full track to talk about advanced Xtext-related technical aspects, as we have done it before at XtextCon.

Be part of the Xtext story

By submitting a talk you can help make it a great event and let the story continue. We are looking forward to your talks and the EclipseCon France!