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On top of the popular open source toolkit 
YAKINDU Statechart Tools, we will release a professional edition. It adds a set of features that you will find very helpful for embedded systems development. The edition will ...

  • make it much easier to integrate statecharts with your hand written code by direct integration with C code.
  • provide more validation facilities using unit testing approaches and MISRA compliance.
  • provide better documentation and tutorials.
  • And finally you can get professional support with guaranteed response times.  

We will release the edition in 2016. If this sounds interesting we will keep you up to date on this topic. You’ll get early access to an evaluation version and finally a discount when you decide to buy it!

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Upcoming features

Deep C Type System Integration

When creating a new state machine model you can enable direct C access. It is possible to import C header files and get access to all of the declared functions.


After importing the C-header (import: car_api.h) in the statechart model you can directly access declared functions and variables. Additionally all C types like structs, unions, enumerations, and typedefs become visible and can be used in the statechart.

Of course, popular and well-known editor features like syntax highlighting, proposals, validation markers etc. work as before. Statecharts will feel like a natural extension to the C language and writing a bunch of glue code will become obsolete.

Unit Testing with SCUnit

Unit testing is a great way for testing software that is available for virtually every programming language. As statecharts are the language for state machine implementations this especially also makes sense here.

SCUnit is the unit testing framework that supports writing tests on the semantic level of statecharts. It even assists you in ‘test first’ approaches on statechart development.

YAKINDU Statechart Tools

SCUnit will care about everything in the background like generating test code and executing the tests and gathering the results. 

YAKINDU Statechart Tools