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The YAKINDU team is happy to announce the new YAKINDU Statechart Tools 2.9.0 release! Only 6 weeks after our last release we are proud to present you the new version with some long-expected features and several bug fixes and improvements.

The product bundle of SCT is shipped with Eclipse Neon.1 as underlying platform. However, SCT does not require Neon to be installed. You can still update the SCT plugins with a Mars based IDE or the previous SCT bundle. You can download the current version of YAKINDU Statechart Tools from our download page where you also find the links to our update sites.

Headless Code Generator

The new release provides a headless code generator infrastructure that allows easy integration in continuous build environments. As the state machine code is fully derived from the statechart model, it is best practice to generate it on the fly during a CI-build instead of polluting your version control system with generated artifacts.

And here is the good news: The headless code generator can simply be called from the command line and thus can be integrated with different CI-Tools easily. No matter if you use Gradle, Maven or Make: all you need is a Java runtime on your build machine.

For more information about headless code generation read our documentation.


Automated Error Reporting (AERI)

To further improve the quality of our code base, we added the well known AERI Feature (Automated Error Reporting) to the latest release. Thanks a lot to the ctrlflow team who provides a great software as a service infrastructure for collecting error reports!


In case you run into an error when using SCT, you will be asked to report this to the developers of YAKINDU Statechart Tools. This feature is disabled by default, so if you do not explicitly enable it nothing will be sent to us. Please see our privacy policy for more details. Every bug report helps! We are looking forward to your feedback.

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