Jenkins und Co. einfach mit Docker virtualisieren – oder doch nicht?

Ob im Softwareprojekt an der Hochschule oder in kommerziellen Projekten, überall treffe ich auf eine dockerisierte Buildumgebung. Aber ist es wirklich so einfach Continuous Integration (CI) mit Docker zu virtualisieren, wie es in den meisten Blogposts dargestellt wird? Weiterlesen >

Releasing Maven Tycho Projects

Setting up Maven Tycho projects for building Eclipse plugins is not trivial and building releases from that setup is much more complicated than it sounds. If you are used to release your artifacts using the Maven Release Plugin you'll get quickly frustrated if you try this for your Tycho setup. Read more >

Unleash your artifacts!

Software is not developed for its own sake, it is usually intended to be used by real customers and needs to be deployed to production systems. In order to assemble larger software compositions all the smaller artifacts that make up the product have to be released before the product itself is ready to be launched. This may happen very often, depending on the chosen release frequency of the product. Read more >

CDI-based dependency injection for Maven Plugins

Developing Apache Maven plugins is pretty straight forward and well described in the Guide to Developing Java Plugins. Besides some drawbacks the development of simple plugins is not a pain. But when it comes to more complex Mojos with a larger number of parameters and a more sophisticated business logic there is not much support for real modularization. Everything has to be implemented in a sole processing method called execute() and the developer is left alone with topics like outsourcing and orchestration of business logic parts or failure handling. For most of the plugins such support isn't even necessary but there are also a number of plugins that could profit from a richer processing model. Read on to learn more about how to elegantly solve these problems. Read more >


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