How secure is my app?

When it comes to more than a small marketing app, the topic of “security” is often raised and sometimes silently dropped. On the surface it is quite complex and it gains complexity when you dig deeper, talk to experts, discuss the impacts on the app. Read more >

Product Development without Programming Skills

We live in rapidly moving times: new products are launched at incredible speed. Bringing products to market faster than your competitors is a key criterion for success. Behind product development, however, lies an extensive and complex process that requires many handovers between different roles. I will show you a way to cut this process down and speed up time to market. Read more >

A Bird’s View on Language Servers

To write computer programs different programming languages are used, often multiple languages for one piece of software. While programs can be written with very basic text editor like NotePad or vi, normally dedicated programming tools are used that give developers a more integrated and guided way of editing code. Read more >

A UML-agnostic Migration Approach: From UML to DSL

Over the last decade, open source frameworks for creating domain-specific language workbenches have improved significantly. Thereby, it has become easier to utilize model-driven software engineering based on domain-specific languages (DSL). However, many companies already adopted model-driven engineering at the beginning of the 21st century.  Read more >

Domain-specific visualization of textual models with Xtext and Sirius

Some people say graphical modeling is dead and textual modeling is the better maybe the only way. As an Xtext-enthusiast I would always argue that modeling should be done textually.  Read more >

Eclipse Xtext 2.13 is released!

Right on time for EclipseCon Europe the Xtext project managed to release its new version 2.13. Xtext 2.13 is the first version for the Eclipse Photon simultaneous release and was designed to fit well with the recently released Eclipse Oxygen.1a version. For users of older Eclipse versions, Xtext remains compatible back to Eclipse Luna. Read more >

Test driven development with YAKINDU Statechart Tools’ SCTUnit

Recently we had a discussion about Test Driven Development. Is it really important or just a buzzword. We agreed quickly: it is not a Buzzword. TDD is a skill. You need to acquire it, you need to practice it, you need to do it. And you can do TDD on statechart models within YAKINDU Statechart Tools – with SCTUnit. Read more >

About the Power of Open Source Development at Eclipse

As a project deeply integrated with Eclipse JDT, Xtext has sometimes also to use internal API. This is, for example, necessary to leverage best performance of accessing Java elements. We try to avoid this whenever possible sometimes even by duplicating the code, and we never faced a problem for several years in this regard. Read more >

Which iOS and Android version should I support?

You need an App. For your customers. You already learned, that iOS and Android are the platforms to satisfy and that everything else is dead. Read more >

Model-Driven Software Development meets Test-Driven Development

In this blog post you will learn how Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) can work together and how you can develop software model driven and test driven. Read more >


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