How to fix Artop memory problems

In the automotive domain, itemis and others make intensive use of the community project Artop (Autosar Tool Platform) – an Eclipse (EMF) based implementation of the AUTOSAR meta-model. Artop supports the conversion of models between the many revisions of the AUTOSAR standard.  Read more >

Effective traceability in inter-organizational projects

Software and systems traceability has long been recognized as critical elements of rigorous software systems developments. Recent studies deliver evidence that this long-term perception in fact is true.  Read more >

About bidirectional traceability, link semantics and a toggle button

This post is about how a simple toggle button might resolve a philosophical conflict. The conflict arises from the following question: "How many directions does a trace link have?". Pop quiz! Read more >

Structuring your statecharts with subdiagrams

Composite states are a good means to bring order and structure to a statechart. However, as a statechart grows, it may easily become too big to give a comprehensive overview of the whole model anymore. Let's have a look at how subdiagrams can help you out. Read more >

Never Write Unit Tests

Just kidding. Write unit tests. Always. For everything. Period. Read more >

Does the Scrum Master have to be a subject matter expert?

More and more companies are agile, or want to be. Many of them choose Scrum as an agile framework and are therefore looking for qualified personnel. In particular, the Scrum Master qualification is increasingly being sought.  Read more >, Scrum Alliance or TÜV – comparison of certifications

Even if they deal with the same thing, the various Scrum certifications differ substantially in detail. To give some help with orientation, I would like to compare three certifications that I have undertaken.  Read more >

4 (+1) wins! A somewhat different working time model

Is this situation familiar to you? You are stuck on a project working with an outdated tool, or have to update an outdated system from the ground up. Not only do you have to dig through legacy code, but also through rusty APIs and a lot of "dirty" code. Read more >

The compatibility of family and work

Many of our colleagues are involved with our clients on a daily basis: travelling is therefore ubiquitous. Can frequent changes in location be reconciled with family and friends?  Read more >

Improving Eclipse CDT Indexer Performance

Many of our customers have chosen Eclipse CDT as their tooling for developing C/C++ projects and they frequently complain about the poor runtime of the CDT indexer. I would claim that we (Java developers) are quite spoiled about the excellent performance of the Java tooling in Eclipse. Read more >


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