Pro Tip: Disabling the outline in Xtext

There are several explanations on how to modify the outline view in Xtext for your language, for example in the official documentation. But what do you do, if you want to disable the outline?  Read more >

How can I capture complex logic in an App?

Several customers of ours need Apps that represent internal logic that cannot be externalized to backend services. Read more >

Git Pro Tip: Show Branch in Command Line Prompt

I am a heavy Git on command line user. Since I work a lot with branches it is important to know which branch I am currently on. Here's a nifty trick for all of you juggling many branches simultaneously. Read more >

itemis + TypeFox = Xtext!

Wie viele wissen, hat sich vor etwa einem Jahr etwas sehr entscheidendes im Eclipse Xtext Projekt verändert. Unsere Kollegen in Kiel haben sich entschlossen itemis zu verlassen und haben ein eigenes Unternehmen gegründet, TypeFox. Damit basiert das Xtext Projekt nun mehr auf zwei großen Säulen und nicht mehr nur auf einer. Weiterlesen >

How to ensure traceability for Statechart Tools

YAKINDU Statechart Tools are used in various software and systems engineering projects of different sizes, starting from one-person-Arduino-hobby-projects to large commercial software projects in the medical or automotive domain. Read more >

How to develop human machine interfaces with state machines

Human machine interfaces (HMI) are inherently interactive and dynamical. An important goal of HMI engineering is to optimize the interaction between the human and the machine. Ergonomics and efficiency of an HMI are mainly driven by the quality of its design. Read more >

How to be a good project manager in 3 steps

This is the ultimate list of tips on being a good – no: excellent – project manager. Read more >

Why you should know David Harel and his connection to YAKINDU Statechart Tools

Many people influenced our work over the past years, among them masterminds like Martin Fowler, Ken Schwaber, Tom DeMarco, to name just a few. Read more >

YAKINDU Traceability: International patent application has been published

We are happy to announce that the World Intellectual Property Organization has officially published our patent application „Tracing Dependencies between Development Artifacts in a Development Project”.  Read more >

How to get started with Xtext Language Servers and Che

Eclipse Che 5 has support for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol and so has Eclipse Xtext in its new Version 2.11. So let's see how we can bring them both together. Read more >


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