Pro Tip: Visualizing Xtext Grammars with Eclipse GEF

The Xtext grammar is the central component when developing DSL workbenches based on the Xtext framework. In case of complex DSLs, analyzing the graphical representation of the *.xtext files could be useful to understand the structure of the defined grammar rules. Read more >

Becoming Xtext Co-Project Lead

I started using Xtext more than 10 years ago. Back then it was a small part of the openArchitectureware framework. I began using it heavily after the move to Eclipse and got a power user and supporter in the newsgroups and forum. In 2016 I joined the Xtext Committer team and worked on the framework for about 50% of my time. Read more >

Why security is one of the biggest engineering challenges ahead

Hardly a week goes by without major security issues being reported. The recently identified vulnerabilities of a wide range of CPUs named “Spectre” and “Meltdown” potentially affect millions of PCs and smartphones. While no actual damage can be connected to these vulnerabilities (yet), it shows that a huge number of users can be affected literally overnight.  Read more >

Sketch of an Open Source implementation of AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines for critical systems

C and C++ are widely used languages in the development of embedded systems. But both languages have their pitfalls which need to be avoided when the systems are safety-critical. One strategy is the usage of coding guidelines that define how the language should be used and which constructs should be avoided.  Read more >

Harry Potter and the JavaScript Fatigue – Part 3

This is the last part (for now) of a series of articles on Vue.JS frontend development. Read more >

Harry Potter and the JavaScript Fatigue  –  Part 2

This is the second part of a series of articles on Vue.JS frontend development.  Read more >

Harry Potter and the JavaScript Fatigue  – Part 1

At the time of writing, it is about two years after everyone was talking about JavaScript fatigue. And yes, back then my team was no exception. We fatigued by the ever growing complexity in the React.JS ecosystem and had to learn our lessons the hard way. But today things look much brighter.  Read more >

Testing Languages, Generators and Runtimes in a Safety-Critical System

Last year we ran a project with Voluntis in which we built DSLs for use in the healthcare domain. The benefits of the approach are readily obvious: the domain experts can much more easily review, test, explore, or even write the application logic. The overall development process will be streamlined, and ultimately, Voluntis will be able to create more products in a shorter time, which is good for business. Read more >

Machine Learning Formatting with Xtext: Part II

Hi folks! Some of you might have seen my earlier blogpost on Machine Learning Formatting. It was more or less meant as an advertiser for the Eclipse Democamp Munich. As promised, here comes the follow up blogpost with more details. Read more >

Managing Machine Learning Software Integration with Conan

In recent weeks, we have been working on a project to support machine learning development in the automotive domain with an integrated development environment. In addition to setting up an IDE based on Eclipse (including many interesting features), we also investigated how to support the work of the development team in managing the dependencies of the embedded projects (in terms of C/C++ libraries). Read more >


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