4+1 = CAFEBABE: Java Bytecode in Eclipse

Was treiben Itemiker eigentlich an ihrem projektfreien 4+1-Tag? Sie bilden sich weiter, häufig mit der Arbeit an eigenen Ideen – und genau solch ein Projekt möchte ich heute vorstellen. Das Ziel war, sich in Xtext und Xtend einzuarbeiten. Herausgekommen ist dabei ein auf diesen Technologien aufbauender Java-ByteCode-Editor (JBC-Editor). Weiterlesen >

From classical language design to language engineering with Xtext

The first high-level programming language Plankalkül (Plan Calculus) from Konrad Zuse was developed between 1942 and 1945. Since this time, a lot of languages have been developed and discarded. But how is a language defined? What is a domain specific or visual language? And have all languages equal definition parts? What is different if we use Xtext?  Read more >

Du willst Programmiersprachen bauen? Dann bist du bei itemis richtig!

Holger Schill und Karsten Thoms sind Softwarearchitekten und entwickeln neue Programmiersprachen. Beide sind Committer im Eclipse Xtext-Projekt und suchen weiterhin gute Leute zur Verstärkung ihres Teams.  Weiterlesen >

Pro Tip: Disabling the outline in Xtext

There are several explanations on how to modify the outline view in Xtext for your language, for example in the official documentation. But what do you do, if you want to disable the outline?  Read more >

Xtext-Verstärkung in Berlin

Wer sich jemals mit dem Thema Xtext befasst hat kennt seinen Namen sehr gut. Sebastian Zarnekow wird uns ab Juni 2017 am Standort in Berlin verstärken. Weiterlesen >

Xtext Reinforcement in Berlin

Anyone who has ever dealt with Xtext knows his name very well. Sebastian Zarnekow will work with us from June 2017 at our office in Berlin. Read more >

Get your first web-enabled DSL running in 60 seconds

Xtext is the most popular framework for delivering high quality domain-specific languages for the Eclipse community. Since version 2.9 it is web-ready and provides an interface for the integration of text editors in web applications, which we already use for various customers in production. Read more >

Git Pro Tip: Show Branch in Command Line Prompt

I am a heavy Git on command line user. Since I work a lot with branches it is important to know which branch I am currently on. Here's a nifty trick for all of you juggling many branches simultaneously. Read more >

Debugging Xtext grammars – what to do when your language is ambiguous

Xtext uses ANTLR to generate a lexer and parser out of your grammar. Technically an LL(*) parser gets generated. This means it cannot deal with left recursion and has an infinite lookahead. Read more >

How to use a textual editor for the Autosar Adaptive Platform

AUTOSAR is about to release its new specification for the Autosar Adaptive Platform. According to AUTOSAR, the difference to classic AUTOSAR is: "In comparison to the AUTOSAR Classic Platform the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment for the Adaptive Platform dynamically links services and clients during runtime." Read more >


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