Processing Enterprise Architect Models with the YAKINDU EA-Bridge

Previously, I presented how to tailor Enterprise Architect (EA) with MDG Technologies to define UML profiles and with add-ins to increase productivity. In this final article, I would like to develop the running example further to generate source code from the EA model. This means to transform the EA model into an Ecore model, the meta model of EMF. Read more >

Eclipse-based Code Generation for Enterprise Architect Models

Every once in a while our clients ask us whether it is possible to generate code for UML models designed with the Enterprise Architect (EA). Short answer: yes, but we don’t recommend it. In general, we encourage our clients to follow the model-driven engineering (MDE) paradigm to automatically derive source code from software models. Read more >

Eclipse-based UML Validation of Enterprise Architect Models

Two weeks ago, there was yet another newsletter from Sparx Systems in my inbox telling me more about the latest fancy new features they added to the Enterprise Architect (EA). Project management, look of diagrams, wireframe designing for Windows Phone, even a new user interface was recently added to the ‘UML’ modeling tool. But what about stability and bugs of its core feature - authoring UML models? Read more >


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