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Model Viewer is now released in version 1.3.6. In the last two months we worked on better visualizations of certain block types and fixed an armada of bugs as you can see below.

Better visualizations

One of our ongoing tasks is to support specific visualizations for block types. As someone working with Matlab Simulink knows, there are a lot of different block types available. For users it is essential to determine different types of blocks easily and even if a specific block type is available in textual manner, a proper visualization helps to gather information about its functionality.


We added port labels to If-blocks and dynamic lookup-table-blocks. The user can now easily determine the semantic of input and output signals for these blocks.

MinMax-blocks now show whether they are Min or Max blocks. This is not only the case for the visual representation but also for the properties view, which now contains a Function parameter with the corresponding information.

Measurement signals now have an antenna icon as indicator, similar to what is used in Matlab Simulink:


Last but not least, masked blocks now list their mask parameters in their properties view:



Besides improved visualizations of model elements, this version of the Model Viewer also comes with a list of bugfixes.

Main view

  • Fixed bread-crumb path when navigating into a library block
  • Fixed positioning of enable and action ports
  • Fixed positioning of annotation texts
  • Fixed displaying of HTML formatted annotation texts
  • Fixed handling and visualization of stateflow supertransitions
  • Fixed handling of stale stateflow transitions
  • Fixed rendering issues when model contained certain kinds of elements
  • Zoom factor is now properly stored per system and restored when navigating back into previously visited system

Signal tracing

  • Fixed signal trace through multiple instances of same library block reference
  • Stabilization of signal trace view when extending signal trace
  • Fixed duplicated ports in trace view for certain scenarios when extending signal trace


  • Improved robustness of model search, especially for subsequent search requests and usage of type filters
  • Removed unexpected search results for parameter defaults and stateflow referring subsystems
  • When navigating into a referenced library, model search was only invoked on that library, now it searches the referencing model


For the upcoming releases we plan to further improve the visualizations of Simulink blocks. This will be scheduled based on our users’ feedback: block types that are more frequently used by our users will get a higher priority in our sprint planning. Simultanously, we plan to better support TargetLink blocks as well as customized (masked) library blocks. Especially the support for TargetLink is a feature our users are yearning for.

In the meanwhile we are working on an interaction concept that will allow to operate the Model Viewer completely via keyboard. This is especially beneficial in a context where Simulink models are to be examined with a notebook only, for example on a test run in a car, where using a trackpad is cumbersome and time consuming.

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