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Model Viewer 1.7.1 is just out – here’s your quick overview of what we have improved!

Block visualization

The visualization of 1-D lookup tables and enumerated constant block types has been optimized.

If you navigate to the parent block from a subsystem, the subsystem block from which you navigated is now marked for a better overview.



We fixed a bug that caused the configuration editor to crash when a license was missing or invalid.

Model Viewer now displays a placeholder error if a file contained in a configuration is renamed in the file system. The licenses of the Model Viewer and DocConnect features are displayed in the license preferences.

The tool now supports interpretation of block mask drawing command script and TargetLink blocks for xls 2018a file format and newer. The icon transparency setting of masked blocks is now properly taken into account. Port labels of masked blocks and values of TargetLink constant block types are displayed again.


As usual, you can find the latest changes in our release notes.