Hendrik Bünder

Hendrik is an IT consultant at itemis AG in Bonn. He works on projects utilizing Xtext to build integrated toolchains. He is interested in model driven software development, DSLs and software architecture.
Hendrik Bünder

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What I learned introducing a domain-specific language for configurable traceability analysis

At this years Modelsward conference I had the opportunity to present a paper about "A Domain-specific Language for Configurable Traceability Analysis" that was written in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kuchen and Christoph Rieger from [ERCIS] of the University of Muenster. Read more >

Xtext hint: Content assist for multiple consecutive keywords

Keywords play a central role in Xtext DSLs to define the languages general structure. In many cases a single keyword is sufficient to specify what is expected next. Although Xtext generally supports multiple consecutive keywords the default content assist implementation will propose one keyword after another instead of concatenating consecutive keywords. This can lead to confusing proposals for the user. This article will help you to prevent this confusion. Read more >


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