Johannes Dicks

Johannes Dicks works as a software engineer at itemis AG in Lünen, Germany. He is part of YAKINDU Products development team.
Johannes Dicks

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Introducing YAKINDU Model Viewer 1.3.4

The YAKINDU Model Viewer team is proud to release the new version 1.3.4! YAKINDU Model Viewer now includes an extended version of the signal tracing feature. Aside from that, we fixed some bugs and made it to add some new features also.  Read more >

Advanced state machine modeling with entry, exit and final states

When modeling a finite state machine you might come to a point where you need to think about how to enter and leave your state machine's regions. In general, there are three structural elements available in YAKINDU Statechart Tools to define a particular entering, leaving and finishing behaviour for your state machine. These elements are called entry point, exit point and final state. A typical use case for a more fine grained entry and exit handling within a state machine might be error handling as an alternative to the default execution flow of a state machine. Read more >

How-to generate statechart code for continuous integration builds

UPDATE: Since YAKINDU Statechart Tools 2.9.0 a command line interface is provided to integrate SCT code generation into continuous integration builds. Please have a look at the SCT user guide. In case you are following the discussions of the YAKINDU Statechart Tools (SCT) community you probably noticed that one of the features often asked for is running SCT's code generators outside the Eclipse IDE context. Read more >


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