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Karsten is a software architect at itemis and part of the Xtext team. He strongly believes that Model Driven Software Development helps to be more efficient in mission critical projects.
Karsten Thoms

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Code Mining Support in Xtext

One of the most notable new APIs in Eclipse Photon is called Code Mining. A code mining represents content (i.e. labels and icons) that are shown within the text editor, but are not part of the text itself. For example, within a method call statement a mining could display the name of parameters, or an icon above unit test methods could be shown that runs the test on clicking it. Read more >

Xtext 2.14 adds support for JUnit 5

Unit tests written for Xtext DSLs are typically using Xtext’s testing infrastructure provided by the org.eclipse.xtext.testing bundle. Older tests might even still use the deprecated org.eclipse.xtext.junit4 bundle. Tests for DSLs need to inject a language specific IInjectorProvider with an @InjectWith annotation. Additionally a specialized JUnit runner, the XtextRunner, is used with the @RunWith annotation to run the test.  Read more >

A Bird’s View on Language Servers

To write computer programs different programming languages are used, often multiple languages for one piece of software. While programs can be written with very basic text editor like NotePad or vi, normally dedicated programming tools are used that give developers a more integrated and guided way of editing code. Read more >

Eclipse Xtext 2.13 is released!

Right on time for EclipseCon Europe the Xtext project managed to release its new version 2.13. Xtext 2.13 is the first version for the Eclipse Photon simultaneous release and was designed to fit well with the recently released Eclipse Oxygen.1a version. For users of older Eclipse versions, Xtext remains compatible back to Eclipse Luna. Read more >

About the Power of Open Source Development at Eclipse

As a project deeply integrated with Eclipse JDT, Xtext has sometimes also to use internal API. This is, for example, necessary to leverage best performance of accessing Java elements. We try to avoid this whenever possible sometimes even by duplicating the code, and we never faced a problem for several years in this regard. Read more >

Warum der Anki Cozmo mehr als nur ein Spielzeug ist

Kennt Ihr schon den Anki Cozmo? Mir war auch neu, dass der kleine Roboter in den USA auf den Markt war – es wurde also Zeit, ihn mir genauer anzuschauen! Weiterlesen >

Warum Community Support so wichtig ist

Als Softwareentwickler kennt wahrscheinlich jeder die Situation: Wir haben ein Problem, wissen keine Lösung – und fragen Google. Voll Hoffnung auf zahlreiche Lösungen landen wir bei Stackoverflow oder in einem anderen Forum und finden keine oder keine zufriedenstellenden Antworten. Gerade im Open-Source-Bereich passiert das immer wieder. Weiterlesen >

Warum IT-Modernisierung so wichtig ist

Viele Unternehmen weltweit betreiben immer noch sogenannte Legacy Systeme, also Altsysteme, die historisch gewachsen, aber in der Regel nicht mehr zeitgemäß und nutzbar sind. Das kommt euch bekannt vor? Dann ist IT-Modernisierung ein Thema für euch. Weiterlesen >

Eclipse Xtext’s new umbrella repository

On November 18th the Eclipse Xtext project added a new source repository eclipse/xtext-umbrella. This article describes the reasons for this additional repository and what is developed in there.  Read more >

Chicken and Pig

Question: Concerning a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what's the difference between the role of the chicken and that of the pig? Answer: The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed! So what does that have to do with my work on Xtext? Read more >


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