Martin Hentschel

Dr.-Ing. Martin Hentschel is a software engineer and consultant at itemis. His current focus of activity is the development of tool chains for the automotive domain.
Martin Hentschel

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Processing Enterprise Architect Models with the YAKINDU EA-Bridge

Previously, I presented how to tailor Enterprise Architect (EA) with MDG Technologies to define UML profiles and with add-ins to increase productivity. In this final article, I would like to develop the running example further to generate source code from the EA model. This means to transform the EA model into an Ecore model, the meta model of EMF. Read more >

Tailoring Enterprise Architect with Add-ins

This is the second of three articles in which I would like to discuss common issues (and our solutions) that occur when Enterprise Architect, EA for short, is used to create models that are processed further by other tools.  Read more >

Tailoring Enterprise Architect with MDG Technologies

Enterprise Architect, EA for short, is a widely used integrated modeling platform with an impressive amount of supported languages including UML, SysML or BPMN. But even with this large collection of languages, you may have found yourself in a situation where none of them fulfilled your particular use case in an appropriate manner. Such situations occur often when the EA model is processed further by other tools and is not only used for documentation purposes. The challenge is then to come up with a model that is accepted by the tools processing it. Read more >


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