Tamas Miklossy

Tamas works as an IT consultant at itemis AG in Lünen. He is interested in model driven software development, especially in graphical and textual modeling solutions.
Tamas Miklossy

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Xtend 2.14 – Unnecessary modifiers validation

In the Xtend programming language, visibility modifiers are unnecessary when they match the defaults. The public modifier is default on: Classes Interfaces Enums Annotatitons Constructors Methods The private modifier is default on: Fields Read more >

Pro Tip: Visualizing Xtext Grammar with Eclipse GEF

The Xtext grammar is the central component when developing DSL workbenches based on the Xtext framework. In case of complex DSLs, analyzing the graphical representation of *.xtext files can be useful to understand the structure of the defined grammar rules. Read more >

Editing Graphviz *.dot files with the GEF DOT Editor

Graphviz *.dot files are usual text files containing the textual representation of graph definitions. The structure of these *.dot files are defined by the DOT Language that provides more than 150 graph, subgraph, node and edge attributes to influence the graph visualization. Read more >


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