Torsten Mosis

Torsten Mosis is working in the System Engineering and Validation domain at Elektrobit in Munich since 2014. As product owner he is responsible for the development of EB solys.
Torsten Mosis

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EB solys and Franca Contracts – Retrace and validate the usage of interfaces

Improving the reliability of interfaces is a crucial aspect regarding the quality and predictability of complex software systems. You might know that situation from your daily work pretty well. Although you have full test coverage of your interfaces, your application does not behave as expected when integrating all components to form an entire system.  Read more >

EB solys and Franca Contracts – An overview

In the first part of this series about software interfaces and contracts "Contract-based software development with Franca" we explained why the modelling of software interfaces plays an important role when designing the overall architecture of a software system. Read more >


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