How a Usability test meal improves the tool start of YAKINDU Model Viewer

The impression a user gets when he uses a tool for the first time is very important for overall customer satisfaction. For that reason, we have been evaluating how the tool start of the YAKINDU Model Viewer could look like, realized it in an interactive click prototype and then went for a usability “test meal” (Usability Testessen). Now you are asking yourself what a test meal is and how our tool start looks like? Find it out. Read more >

Introducing YAKINDU Model Viewer 1.3.6

YAKINDU Model Viewer is now released in version 1.3.6. In the last two months we worked on better visualizations of certain block types and fixed an armada of bugs as you can see below. Read more >

Advanced signal highlighting in Simulink models

When working with Simulink block diagrams, one major use case is to trace signals. Understanding how signal data are processed from inputs to outputs is especially useful when debugging your model. Since signal flows are easily scattered across various subsystems and hierarchy levels tool support is essential here. Read more >

Introducing YAKINDU Model Viewer 1.3.4

The YAKINDU Model Viewer team is proud to release the new version 1.3.4! YAKINDU Model Viewer now includes an extended version of the signal tracing feature. Aside from that, we fixed some bugs and made it to add some new features also.  Read more >

View Simulink® and Stateflow® models without Simulink®

Do you use Simulink® and Stateflow® from MathWorks? These tools are powerful and often a central part in the engineering tool chain. Models and block libraries created with them carry valuable engineering knowledge of your development team and organization. Read more >


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