Holger Schill

Holger Schill is a regular speaker at international conferences. He is a committer to Xtext and other opensource projects and focusses on DSLs since more than 10 years. Holger leads the Itemis branch in Heide and is always looking for smart and talented people to work with.
Holger Schill

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Machine Learning Formatting with Xtext: Part II

Hi folks! Some of you might have seen my earlier blogpost on Machine Learning Formatting. It was more or less meant as an advertiser for the Eclipse Democamp Munich. As promised, here comes the follow up blogpost with more details. Read more >

Machine Learning Formatting with Xtext

Writing a codeformatter is boring and errorprone. I hate it because I'm lazy, but is there an alternative? Yes, of course! We're in 2017, folks! Read more >

Arbeiten, wo andere Urlaub machen: itemis Heide

Die deutsche Nordseeküste ist ein beliebtes Reiseziel und beherbergt einen der schönsten Strände Deutschlands. Auch wenn man Dithmarschen vielleicht nicht kennt – Büsum und St. Peter-Ording sind sicherlich bekannt. Hier lässt es sich wunderbar Urlaub machen und auch leben, aber kann man hier auch auch anspruchsvoll arbeiten? Weiterlesen >

Formatting for the Masses

Reading source code happens way more often than writing it. And reading code is a lot easier when it is well formatted. Linebreaks and indentations are guiding the reader and it is more obvious in which context things are happening. Doing formatting completely manually is simply not an option, especially for larger changes. For that reason general purpose languages, like Java, do have many different implementations for automatic code formatters or “pretty printers”.  Read more >

Debugging Xtext grammars – what to do when your language is ambiguous

Xtext uses ANTLR to generate a lexer and parser out of your grammar. Technically an LL(*) parser gets generated. This means it cannot deal with left recursion and has an infinite lookahead. Read more >

XtextSummit goes EclipseCon France

Xtext is a well known framework and highly represented at conferences like EclipseCon around the world. It is always fun getting together with people who build great software and talk about their experiences with the framework. In 2014 itemis decided to host a dedicated conference on Xtext – the XtextCon – to present more advanced talks on this special topic. We have come a long way since then... Read more >

Xtext and itemis – the story will continue!

For nearly 8 years Xtext and itemis have been inextricably linked and regularly named in one sentence. We invested a lot to make Xtext what it is today -- a powerful and beloved framework, that helps to solve real-world problems. Read more >

Xtext 2.9 is out – Now also for IntelliJ & Web

Xtext is a new kind of language engineering toolkit, that has been around in Eclipse-land for six years already and has there helped many projects to implement domain-specific languages and general programming languages plus professional Eclipse plug-ins for them. Today we are happy to announce the new 2.9 release that further advances on this, by adding support for other editor platforms and frameworks next to Eclipse. Read more >


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