Als Praktikant bei itemis: Machine Learning live mit einem Robocar Showcase

Wir bei itemis arbeiten in verschiedenen Automotive-Software-Projekten – z. B. im Bereich Modelling (Entwicklung von DSLs), Tooling (Architektur, Feature-Modelle, Implementierung, Machine Learning) und Konzeptionierung/Standards (AUTOSAR, Genivi, openADX). Weiterlesen >

Security Engineering in the Automotive Industry

In a world where virtually everything is connected to the internet, security is essential. This is especially crucial in complex systems: complexity is the enemy of security. Today’s cars are examples of such systems, they have lots of components that can be a security risk. Some exploits require physical access, some can be exploited remotely, via networks; some are due to problems in the software, others result from flaws in the hardware. Read more >

Internship at itemis: Robocar showcase of machine learning

At itemis, we are involved in automotive software projects in terms of modeling (domain specific languages for architecture and behavior), tooling (architecture, feature models, implementation, Machine Learning) and concepts/standards (AUTOSAR, Genivi, openADX). At our office in Stuttgart, we wanted to set up a tangible demonstrator – a robocar platform as a flexible base with an initial showcase of machine learning. Read more >

Sketch of an Open Source implementation of AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines for critical systems

C and C++ are widely used languages in the development of embedded systems. But both languages have their pitfalls which need to be avoided when the systems are safety-critical. One strategy is the usage of coding guidelines that define how the language should be used and which constructs should be avoided.  Read more >

Managing Machine Learning Software Integration with Conan

In recent weeks, we have been working on a project to support machine learning development in the automotive domain with an integrated development environment. In addition to setting up an IDE based on Eclipse (including many interesting features), we also investigated how to support the work of the development team in managing the dependencies of the embedded projects (in terms of C/C++ libraries). Read more >

Navigating AUTOSAR models with complex queries

In the previous blog posts I showed you how the basic features of Eclipse and Artop can be used to perform basic searches and navigation on AUTOSAR models. However, there are also often cases, where a user wants to perform more complex queries on AUTOSAR models.  Read more >

Sicher ist sicher?! Automotive Security im Zeitalter vernetzter Fahrzeuge

Die Sicherheit (Safety) von Fahrern und Passagieren spielt seit Jahrzehnten eine große Rolle in der Entwicklung von Fahrzeugen. Passive und aktive Sicherheitssysteme wie Rückhaltegurte, ABS oder elektronische Stabilisierungssysteme sind heute aus keinem Fahrzeug mehr wegzudenken. Weiterlesen >

Search in and Navigate through AUTOSAR Models

In the previous post "How to configure your free AUTOSAR model viewer" I showed how to use the ARTOP project and Eclipse to configure an Eclipse RCP which can be used to view AUTOSAR model at no cost. In this post, I will add information about the default search and navigation functionality by the tooling. In a following post, I will introduce even more powerful functionality through scripting. Read more >

How to configure your free AUTOSAR model viewer

Viewing and analyzing AUTOSAR models is a recurring task in automotive software development. Very often this is done by just inspecting the XML, which is cumbersome. Some companies have smarter "simple" tools in their portfolio, but they are often included in their commercial offering only. However, there is a no-cost solution, based on the community-source AUTOSAR tool platform Artop which supports some interesting features.  Read more >

How to fix Artop memory problems

In the automotive domain, itemis and others make intensive use of the community project Artop (Autosar Tool Platform) – an Eclipse (EMF) based implementation of the AUTOSAR meta-model. Artop supports the conversion of models between the many revisions of the AUTOSAR standard.  Read more >


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