Mit dem TÜV zum Scrum Master

“HU”, “AU” und “Nachuntersuchung” sind die Begriffe, die ich typischerweise mit dem TÜV verbinde. Im besten Fall noch “Plakette” – denn darum geht es ja normalerweise. “Agiles Projektmanagement” kam mir in dem Zusammenhang jedoch nie in den Sinn. Weiterlesen >

Tune your Pinewood Car with YAKINDU Statechart Tools

YAKINDU Statechart Tools have a wide range of use: They are used in academic and commercial contexts – and even in spare time. Let’s take a look at a project of one YAKINDU Statechart Tools user. Scott Dixon realized a light control for his son’s Pinewood Car. Read more >

Navigating AUTOSAR model with complex queries

In the previous blog posts I showed you how the basic features of Eclipse and Artop can be used to perform basic searches and navigation on AUTOSAR models. However, there are also often cases, where a user wants to perform more complex queries on AUTOSAR models.  Read more >

Test as you run (Part 5) – Building and Testing Systems

In the previous part of our series about test-driven development of microservices we created some debug configurations and integration tests with all dependencies in place. This is the fifth part. Read more >

Weaving Testing into the Web of Traceability

In the development of safety-critical systems it is essential to prove that the developed product fullfills all requirements (including system requirements, safety requirements and security requirements) to ensure the correct functionality and to prove that engineering is up to the state-of-the-art for legal reasons. Read more >

YAKINDU Solidity Tools beta released

A couple of months ago me and my colleague Florian Antony had the chance to attend a workshop on smart contract development with Solidity. The workshop was great fun and we learned a lot about blockchains, smart contracts and the like. What we also learned is that most editors for Solidity lack some important features that are crucial for developing high quality software. Read more >

App-Entwicklung: Welche iOS- und Androidversion soll ich supporten?

Du brauchst also eine App – oder besser: Deine Kunden brauchen eine App. Du weißt bereits, dass iOS und Android die Plattformen sind, die dabei bedient werden sollten – und dass alle anderen Plattformen tot sind. Verschwende also weder Zeit noch Geld an Plattformen, die weniger als 1 % des Weltmarktes repräsentieren – zusammengerechnet.  Weiterlesen >

Machine Learning Formatting with Xtext

Writing a codeformatter is boring and errorprone. I hate it because I'm lazy, but is there an alternative? Yes, of course! We're in 2017, folks! Read more >

Debugging DSLs in Xtext and Eclipse

If you build your Xtext DSL using Xbase for your expressions and implementing a JvmModelInferrer for the Java Mapping you get Debugging in Eclipse for free. But what about if your DSL is not using Xbase but maps to Java anyway? With the Tracing Code Generator in Xtext 2.12 and its debugging extensions in Xtext 2.13 and a few lines of Gluecode you can achieve this as well. Read more >

Customer-Journey-Mapping: Den Nutzer im Blick

Websites mit hohen Nutzerzahlen – egal ob Webshop oder Nachrichtenportal – bestechen mit ihrer guten Usability und einer positiven User Experience. Nutzer finden sich zurecht, wissen, wo sie ihre benötigten Informationen suchen müssen und haben Spaß bei der Nutzung der Seite – und so soll es auch sein. Schließlich ist der Kunde (oder in diesem Fall der Nutzer) König. Weiterlesen >


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